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Recently Completed Projects

      A beautiful restoration   
        Chester County, Pennsylvania

        A renewed purpose and long life were given to this old dairy barn when King restored the foundations
        and timbers.  The barn was re-sided with cedar and re-roofed with a steel standing seam.  Cupolas
        were added for improved ventilation, the gable ends received a new design with more windows, and
the front elevation has three new custom sliding doors.

For a look at the "before", see our restoration page  here 

      Dutchess County Agricultural Society   
        Rhinebeck, New York

      We were honored to have been selected to build the new timber-frame main entrance
        and ticket booths for the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  The siding is Hardi Panel with
        a galvalume standing seam roof.
        The building is fully insulated and climate-controlled; the center section features
soaring ceilings with timber columns and trusses.  On the interior, there are displays
relating to farming and the agricultural history of Dutchess County.  The ticket booths
have  state-of-the-art electronics to speed the entry process.  

        Below:  (L)  an interior photo showing one of two custom chandeliers that
were made from tractor wheels and (R) a close-up of the ticket
windows, which were designed to look like Dutch doors.


   Horse Barn
   with Wine Cellar & Wine Tasting Lounge
      Middleburg, Virginia      
    A beautiful example of a small barn - the exterior features stone and Hardi Panel board & batten
pentice roofs, timber-framed porches and a combination of standing seam and cedar shake
    shingle roofs, topped off with a custom cupola.

    On the interior, the barn aisle has rubber brick pavers; there are four King Sovereign Euro stalls 
    (12'x12'), each with stall mattresses and automatic waterers.  There is a large tack room/lounge,                               a grain room, bathroom, laundry facility, and a heated wash/groom stall with built-in groom's storage.

    As a bonus, this beautiful building also houses a climate-controlled wine cellar and a 2nd floor
    wine tasting room/lounge.

    below:    a partial view of the wine cellar

                   There are interior photos of this barn on the "Stalls" page and the "Lounges" page 


   Pickering Equine
Chester Springs, PA 

    A state-of-the-art equine rehabilitation center --

    The horse barn features rubber brick pavers for safe, non-slip footing, 11 stalls (12'x12') with full-view doors
and a 12'x12' isolation stall.  In addition, there are 3 wash/groom stalls, a large tack room, an office, a vet office,
a diagnostic room, drug & vet supply storage, a laundry and two bathrooms.

    There are two apartments on the 2nd floor of the main building.

    Also part of the connected complex:  an indoor arena, a truck garage and a large treadmill room that houses
both a treadmill and an Aquatrainer   (pictured below).  


   Two-stall barn
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 

    Who wouldn't want this charming 2-stall barn in their backyard?
    Though small in size, this barn has tremendous 
curb appeal.  Its interior has two 12'x12' walk-out
stalls with an overhang (front corner visible on far right), a feed room, grooming stall and storage area.  
    Large windows provide great natural light and ventilation, and the large center entry doors are both 
    welcoming and practical.

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   Stone Farm
Paoli, Pennsylvania 

    With its tongue & groove siding, cedar shake roof and high stone foundation, this all-new barn has
look and character of a historic building. 

    There are seven (7) Euro style stalls, a tack room with kitchen, a wash stall, laundry room,
    half bathroom and mechanical room.  The center aisle is tumbled cobblestone.  
The full loft has hay drops into all stalls; the three dormers add aesthetic appeal, as well as more
    light and ventilation, and there are two venting cupolas.
     The smaller building (R) is a garage and storage building 

   Little Brook Farm
Califon, New Jersey 

     Another renovation and remodel -- this old barn was given new life and a new purpose,
    becoming a two-stall horse barn, with a wash stall, feed area with grain bin and a
    utility closet.

    New doors and windows were added for better light and ventilation; the old masonry
block foundation was covered with stone, a new covered entry was added and old
siding was replaced with new clapboard.  The roofs are galvalume standing seam
and cedar shake.

   Hunt's End Farm
Gladstone, New Jersey 

    A beautiful combination of renovation and new construction . . .
    The old barn and silo have been structurally restored and given a facelift with new siding
    and a combination of architectural shingles and standing seam roofing.  The new barn and
    old barn are connected, creating a courtyard that features a stone wall and stone wainscoting
    (see below)

    The new barn contains 12 King Euro stalls (12'x12'), a large grain room and hay storage  There
    are two wash/groom stalls; the large tack room with kitchen is in the old barn, adjoining
    the wash/groom stalls.  There is also a full bath with shower and a laundry room.  The center
    aisle has brick pavers in a herringbone design.


   McKeown Farm
Clarksville, Maryland 

    Multi-use building with parking for antique cars and a finished loft for family activities;
    this barn was designed to allow conversion to a horse barn in the future.
    Two 9'x9' arched top King custom overhead doors in Spanish cedar; 8'x8' square topped
    King custom carriage door in Spanish cedar at the center entry.  Stone work is 6" genuine
    stone; siding is Hardi-Plank with Hardi shingles on the dormers.
    There are seven Dutch doors with fixed base; the interior of the barn has two large
    Euro stalls (12'x17' and 12'x20') that currently stable the antique cars.
    King custom cupola with glass top, copper roof and decorative railing.

     Renovation & Remodel
     West Chester, Pennsylvania 

     A major renovation and remodel, this large old barn has become a multi-purpose gathering and
     entertainment center for family and friends.  

     The barn has a full kitchen, complete with dumbwaiter to serve the bar on the lower level.
     The large 
living and dining space has a corner fireplace.  In addition to the bar on the lower 
     level, there is a large recreation area and a lounge and large screen TV.  Each floor has
     bathrooms, and there is a full laundry room.
      There is a large paving stone patio on the lower level, while the upper level has a large deck
      and a screened porch.

      The siding is board & batten; the roofing is steel standing seam.  There are two large glass
      cupolas and a timber-framed covered entry.

   Camp Kent Farm
   South Kent, Connecticut

    A beautiful example of a small barn - the exterior features dry stacked stone, copper guttters and pentice 
    roofs, cedar Dutch doors with transom windows, mahogany porches, a standing seam roof with solar panels, 
    and a custom cupola with a custom weathervane.  
    On the interior, the aisle is rubber brick; there are five King Monarch Euro stalls (14'x14') with stall mattresses
    and automatic waterers.  The large tack room has a kitchen, lounge area and built-in fittings.  In addition, 
    there is a grain room, laundry room, half bathroom, two wash/groom stalls with built-in groom's cubbies and 
    a garage for the tractor and other farm equipment.

    There are interior photos of the above barn on the "Stalls" page and the "Tack Rooms" page 

   Restored & Remodeled Bank Barn
   West Chester, Pennsylvania

    Another old bank barn saved and repurposed ...
    New siding, new cedar shake roofing, a new cupola, new windows and doors were added.
    On the interior, the stone was repointed, insulation and a bathroom were added.
    On the opposite gable end (not shown) a new 12'x28' deck adds more space for


   An all-new timber frame bank barn  
Hatfield, Pennsylvania 

    Above -  exterior with stone foundation, board & batten siding, steel roofing.

    Below - interior shows timber frame with hand cut mortise & tenon joinery 

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   Gantsoudes Farm
Orange, Virginia

     Horse complex includes 8-stall barn with tack room, feed room, wash stall, half bath and laundry --
    attached to 70'x200' indoor arena and a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment.

  Westview Farms
Pawling, New York 

    Courtyard style horse barn with two apartments - 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom
    24 Euro stalls, 2 wash stalls, 2 grooming stalls, 2 tack rooms, grain room, laundry room,
    2 bathrooms with dressing area, storage closets, 2 blanket closets, vetting area with
    palpation chute and foal holding stall, lab & vet supply, tool & storage room, full loft
    with hay drops
    Attached to a steel-framed 100'x200' indoor arena -  large viewing room/lounge with
    stone fireplace, viewing balcony, full kitchen, office, 2 bathrooms and 4 storage areas.

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    Birman Farm
Stockdale, New Jersey 

     A very impressive renovation, inside and out (above).
     The old solid surface Dutch doors and aisle doors (below) made the barn interior dark and uninviting.  
     The new Dutch doors and aisle doors are structural aluminum (no maintenance), with large windows,
     and aluminum framed Dutch windows were added to the gable end.  Skylights above the stalls 
     bring the sunlight in from above.  The barn is now light and bright, with a fully-renovated interior.
     (See interior pictures on the Restoration page) 
     Venting cupolas were added to improve the barn's ventilation and air exchange and the stone wainscot
     is both beautiful and practical, as it prevents water from infiltrating around the base of the barn.   

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