Celebrating our 40th Year  
   Setting the standard for four decades!
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 King barns have beautifully finished interiors, and we offer a wide selection of choices
                   for horse stalls, wash & groom stalls and for the barn's interior finishes.

      Our goal is to make our stalls as strong and as beautiful as the horses they shelter. 

      And, because we make our own stalls, we can custom-design a special stall,
      stall door or wash stall especially for your barn. 

      If you can dream it, or if you've seen it elsewhere, we can build it for your barn!  

     King Monarch style Euro stalls with hinged doors, brass finials, rubber brick pavers with pattern

  Euro stalls with brass finials and drop down                King's Euro stalls with brass finials and
   yokes on sliding doors - rubber brick pavers               wraparound corner - tumbled brick aisles


        King Monarch style Euro stalls (14x14) with brass finials, rubber brick paver aisle
        and a warm honey-colored stain on walls and ceiling.  There's no place like home . . .

     Standard stalls - high open ceiling (no loft)        Custom designed King Euro stalls with hinged 
      Recessed rubber mats                                            doors, brass finials, recessed rubber mats

King deluxe stalls with semi-custom "Omega" doors; recessed mats in aisles

        King "Monarch" Euro stalls with brass caps and finials - rubber brick pavers in aisle.
        Custom King cabinetry along the aisle; the indoor arena with dust-free footing is on
        the other side of the half-wall, framed with arched openings.  
        The barn interior benefits from all the natural light and air coming from the large
        arena windows. 


                  King "Monarch" Euro stall with brass cap finials - brick pavers in aisle

Deluxe stalls with semi-custom doors, rubber brick pavers        Close-up of deluxe stall trim and semi-custom
                                                                                                                           "Omega" door with drop-down yoke


                         King "Soverign" style Euro stalls with hinged doors, brass finials, stone aisle

                      Two styles of King Euro stalls:
                      "Euro King" - full height with drop down door yoke and brass caps on left side of aisle
                      "Soverign" style with low center and brass caps on right side of aisle 

                  Rubber brick
paver aisle

  King Euro stalls inside a timber frame barn - stalls designed to fit between the timber columns
    Dormers and skylights brighten the interior
    Tumbled brick aprons along the aisle


  King deluxe horse stalls feature centered doors,               Another beautiful example of King deluxe   
  recessed fronts and crown moulding.  In this barn,           horse stalls - these feature a custom wood
  stall fronts are open above the headers to the                   stain and rounded-top, centered doors.
  fully finished ceilings.  "Omega" stall doors                       This barn has a high sidewall, leaving 
  with drop down yokes.                                                         lots of open space above the stalls to
                            the finished ceilings.

  King Deluxe stalls with round top doors -               King Deluxe stalls and aisle view of interior finish
  roll stock "wall to wall" rubber brick pavers            Recessed black rubber mats

    King standard stalls - closed front                           King standard stalls - open above stall front
    Rubber brick paver aisle                                              Tumbled brick aisle; brick half wall in
  wash stall
      King standard stalls with "full view" doors         
King standard stalls with "full view" stall fronts


King steel-framed stall doors with steel           Vetting area with palpation chute and foal containment
mesh base - door tops have bars with              stall with full view so mare and foal can see each 
drop down yokes.                                               other.  Rubber brick pavers for safe, non-slip footing.

        Two wash/groom stalls feature rubber brick pavers, heaters, fans and a center groom's
        supply with built-in cubbies, shelving and a granite top.  A walkway at the rear allows
        access to supplies and easy movement from one stall to the other.  The tack room and
        a laundry room are located directly across the aisle.

                   In a busy training barn, two center wash stalls with pressure-treated planking,
                   overhead hose booms and recessed shelves for shampoo and supplies; four
                   groom stalls (2 on each side of the wash stalls) also feature recessed shelves.
                   The aisle and wash/groom stalls have recessed rubber mats for secure footing.

                                                                      Another nice finishing touch - gallery rail above the grain room

Concrete block wash/groom stalls with brick caps;     
Wash/groom - custom slate wainscot, built-in
rubber brick pavers in each, and in the aisle                  brush boxes; rubber brick pavers


          Grooming stalls with custom built-in cubby storage - barn is timber frame
          Aisle and grooming area have stained, broomed concrete with tumbled brick paver aprons 

              Grooming stall with solarium

 Standard stalls with semi-solid stain -                      Standard stalls with semi-solid and solid stains -
 closed above stall front
                                               closed above stalls fronts  

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