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Indoor Riding Arenas

Indoor Riding Arenas

Indoor riding arenas can be beautiful. . .
Whether you prefer the wide-span of a steel-framed riding arena, the beauty of
laminated wood, or the practicality and affordability of a wood truss indoor arena,
we have the knowledge and experience needed to build it right.

Like our barns, our arenas are individually designed and can be fully customized to complement your facility. We can minimize the "warehouse" look, while adding lots of natural light and ventilation so that it's a great place to ride!

Below are a few examples of our completed projects to help illustrate a few of the
choices available for windows, siding and interior finishes.

            The 90' x 200' glu-lam arena at Ravenswood Farm in Pluckemin, NJ has beautiful
            architectural detail, with cedar shingles, dormers and and lots of big windows 
           for more natural light and ventilation.  (see interior photo below)

       The interior of the indoor arena at Ravenswood Farm (also pictured above) features
       beautiful glu-laminated wood truss columns and rafters.

                  The steel-framed 90'-200' indoor arena at High Horse Farm in Hume, Virginia
                  features a bright white interior and large roll-up windows.   

                  (Above) The interior of the steel-framed 90'x200' indoor arena at Badger Hill                                          Farm in Marshall, Virginia features a beautiful wood-lined interior.
                  (Below)  The arena is an attractive focal point from the farm's main entrance. 

        The interior of the indoor arena at Gantsoudes Farm (above) in Orange, VA.  Fully-finished     interior with beautiful arched detail between the arena and the barn; dust-free footing.
        Large windows on the long side and gable ends provide great natural light and ventilation.  

      Sperry View Farm arena in Bethany, CT (above)  84'x204' with a viewing room and jump
     storage.  The siding is a combination of pine clapboard and board & batten; the center gambrel
     matches the farm's original dairy buildings.  Large, operating windows provide natural light
     and ventilation; the new solar panels provide energy savings for the farm.      

           Anstu Farm in Millbrook, NY -  this 84' x 200' wood truss arena features board & batten
           siding, a full wrap-around band of large sliding windows and a bell-topped cupola

    Red Tail Farm in Bedminster, NJ - the 90' x 180' wood scissors truss arena is fully insulated
    and finished with an all-wood interior for a sleek, polished look.


      Westview Farms in Pawling, NY  (above & below)  
      This 100'x200' steel-framed arena is flooded with natural light and cross ventilation --
      it has large operating windows with transoms and skylights.  The interior is fully
      finished (see below), with all walls and ceiling covered in tongue & groove pine.  
      The pine has been given a light honey stain and poly-coated; the steel columns and
      trusses were painted in a color to blend with the wood.  There is a large viewing room
      and lounge on one gable end (note the 7 viewing windows), as well as an open viewing deck.    


    Little Creek Farm in North Salem, NY -  the 110' x 204' steel-framed arena (see interior below)
    has a beautiful exterior of cedar shiplap siding with cedar shingles in the gables.
    The barns in the foreground are also cedar.



           The interior of the steel-framed arena at Little Creek Farm (also pictured above)
         shows the advantages of large roll-up windows and a wide skylight panel at the
         ridge -- lots of natural light and cross ventilation.


               The interior of a recently-completed glu-laminated wood arena (above) at 
               Silver Oak Stable in St James, NY

       Plain Dealing Farm in Scottsville, VA -   a 100' x 200' steel framed indoor arena with wood

      siding and an attached two-story viewing room.  Large roll-up windows provide lots of 

      natural light and cross ventilation.

      Pavillion Farm in North Salem, NY -   this 84' x 204' wood truss arena with an attached barn
     (not visible here)  is built with an outdoor arena in the courtyard.

      Sprieser Sporthorses in Marshall, VA  -   90' x 226' wood truss arena with board & batten
      siding and architectural shingle roofing.  Large sliding windows all around for great natural
      light and ventilation.

    An example of shiplap siding with a metal roof - 84' x 200' wood truss arena
    in Annapolis, Maryland.  

               Old Stone Farm in Staatsburg, NY - the 78'x168' indoor wood scissors truss
               arena is "hidden" between the high gables on each end.

              Interior of the arena at Old Stone Farm (below) - fully finished in wood, with
              mirrors across the gable end.


   The new Performance Evaluation Center at New Bolton Center, Kennett Square, PA
   (world-renowned veterinary campus of the University of Pennsylvania)  
   The 80'x124' arena features Hardi Panel board & batten siding, with King custom-made 
   8'x8' aluminum framed sliding windows and sliding door with windows for great natural
   light and ventilation


    First ride - Three generations (right to left - mom, granddaughter and daughter) in their newly-
    completed 84'x204'x18' wood truss indoor at Epic Farm in Middlefield, CT.   
    Large roll-up windows, clear panels along the roof's ridge and three venting cupolas insure
    lots of natural light and cross ventilation.  Viewing room at far end, plus an open air viewing 
    space behind the riding guard.  Light, bright dust-free footing. 

       Ridley Creek State Park in Delaware County Pennsylvania
       90' x 200' indoor riding arena with custom King-made windows and transoms 

              A pavilion style, like this 80' x 200' arena in Virginia, provides an option for equestrians
              who want a covered riding surface without the enclosed sides of a conventional arena.

           We can also construct an arena with a mix of materials, such as this fully-finished wood
           scissors truss arena with wooden walls and a white metal ceiling in Wrightstown, NJ.
           The white panels help to reflect the light for a bright, airy interior.

                    This wood scissors truss 80' x 200' arena in Middleburgh, VA features a combination
                     of translucent panels and sliding windows.  See interior below



             The interior of the Middleburgh VA horse arena - great natural light and cross ventilation.

                                       Rendez-vous Farm in Ashford, CT - this 100' x 200' arena
                                       is steel-framed, with steel siding and a shingle roof.
                                       Both the exterior and the interior (see below) have a clean, 
                                       professional look.

                                                         With its wide roll-up windows and a
                                                         skylight panel along the ridge, this arena 
                                                         has excellent natural light and ventilation.
                                                         Dust-free footing.
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