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Bank Barns

Bank Barns

The bank barn originated in England in the 1600's and became popular in America during the colonial period.

            New timber frame bank barn with historic architectural details in Fairfield, Connecticut
            4 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room and feed room on lower level

 A favorite among German immigrants in Pennsylvania, the style was adopted by others and soon
 bank barns could be found in New England and throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

 The appeal of the bank barn was its practicality and function.
 They could transform a hilly landscape into a useful building site, and on flat ground, the loft doors
 were reached with wooden ramps or from mounded dirt and rock.

 The design allowed the farmer to drive his hay wagon directly into the hay mow, and the lower floor
 served as a warm, protected space for the farm animals.

 When designed correctly, a bank barn can adapt to serve the needs of a horse barn. King-designed
 bank barns are true to their history and practicality, but are updated for modern function.


        Chester County, Pennsylvania

         An all-new timber-framed bank barn that looks like a restored historic building -- 
          it functions as a multi-purpose center for family activities and recreation.  
          Beautifully-crafted stonework, traditional board & batten siding and a standing
          seam roof combine to give this barn its visual appeal.    

Ligonier, Pennsylvania   

           (above and below) 
           A bank barn that is light and airy, thanks to a historic feature - the open bridge connects
           the embankment to the barn loft, while leaving the lower level of the barn open to the
           sun and the breeze.   
           This 4-stall barn has a large tack room with a half bath and laundry, a feed room and
           wash stall.  The exterior features stone craftsmanship, transom windows for added light
           and custom loft doors with forged hardware.

     Clinton Corners, New York

     A bank barn equipment garage with stone-clad foundations, cedar siding and
     hand split shakes on the roof.  

Middleburg, Virginia

     An all-new bank barn with a historic look - stone base and standing seam roof
     Four (4) 12'x14' Euro stalls for the horses, a wash stall, tack room, feed room
     and laundry. 

     West Chester, Pennsylvania

      An all-new bank barn with classic design and style.  Five (5) 12'x12' horse stalls, 
      wash stall, feed room and tack room


   East Earl, Pennsylvania
   An all-new bank barn - stone and cedar siding, standing seam and cedar shake roofing all
   blend with the landscape and combine for historic appeal. 
This is a multi-function building
   with garages, equipment storage and stalls for farm animals.


        Unionville, Pennsylvania
        Beautifully restored antique timber frame bank barn with stalls for the horses,
        living quarters and storage

                             Berwyn, Pennsylvania         
                             An all-new timber frame bank barn with a beautiful, historic look


         A newly-restored antique bank barn - converted to a horse barn with 6 stalls
         and lots of storage.

          Coatesville, PA   (below)
        Another newly-restored antique bank barn - a multi-purpose barn
        for hay, machinery storage, farm animals and poultry.  The renovation
        and redesign included the addition of gable end louvers and cupola
        for added ventilation.  

                   Unionville, Pennsylvania   (above)
                   An all-new bank barn with historic appeal - 
                   it looks as if it's been expanded over several generations
                   7 stalls for horses, garages and an apartment

   Another new bank barn with a historic look and multiple functions
   Garage, workshop and family recreation center - New Holland, PA

Interior of barn shown above
Basketball, volleyball -- or a barn dance, anyone?

    King Construction has designed, built and restored many bank barns during our 35 years
    in business. You can rely on us for sound counsel regarding your project, and we provide
    complete architectural and engineering services for everything we build. We can handle
    your project as a turn-key, or collaborate with your architect and your own trade subs.

    Because we’re horse barn experts, we can custom design or retrofit your bank barn to
    provide stabling and support services for your horses. And, if you need other facilities,
    we also design and build indoor riding arenas and a variety of accessory buildings,
    such as covered walkers and round pens, hay and bedding storage, and manure
    transfer or composting facilities.

    Whether you’re planning to build or to renovate a bank barn, or a barn of any size or
    style, be sure to contact the King representative serving your area to discuss your project.
    Our preliminary consultations are offered to you at no fee.

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