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are the crowning ornament on your barn or arena, but they also serve an important function.
They were originally invented to exhaust hot, stale air from buildings, and they are very
effective in performing that function in a barn, hay loft or indoor arena.

Like most of our components, we hand craft our cupolas in our own shop.

                           Octagonal with glass                  Square with glass, copper
                           and copper roof                         roof, clock and gallery rail  

Cupolas have three distinct sections:  a base, a tower and a roof.
The venting cupolas have louvered towers, and decorative cupolas have glass towers.
However, our glass cupolas do include some venting at the base to prevent moisture
build up and to provide some air exchange.

King cupolas are made of cedar to be more weather resistant and durable, and the 
copper roof can be ordered in several different styles.  We also have a good selection
of copper weathervanes and finials to top your cupola.

Cupolas are square or octagonal and can range in size from 2 ft up to 10 ft. 
We will help you to choose the correct size for the length and size of your building.

If there is a special style you prefer that is not available in our offerings, we will be happy
to custom design and build a cupola just for you.
             Square glass top cupola with louver base

           Octagonal glass top cupola

 Custom square cupola with operating glass windows
 and cedar shingle roof with copper cap
                   Square clock tower cupola

       Square dovecote cupola with bell roof

                  Octagonal glass top cupola

                    Square louvered cupola


                                  Square glass cupola 


     Octagonal louver cupola with bell shaped copper roof


                Square venting cupola with windows
                and standing seam roof  

                            Octagonal glass cupola

    Fully finished cupola interior with "chute" to main floor 

                                 Square louvered cupola 

      Square louvered "New England" style cupola 


                                 Octagonal glass cupola 

                                 Square louvered cupola
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