Celebrating our 40th Year  
   Setting the standard for four decades!
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    All of our barns, arenas and outbuildings feature doors that have been designed 
    and tested over time to be beautiful, horse safe and durable.

    We have many different styles that are standard, and there are many other
    options and variations which can be considered semi-custom -- often this will
    give you the look you prefer, usually with minimal or no added cost. 

    All of our doors (except some standard pass doors) are handmade by our craftsmen
    in our own shops.  We use high quality materials and superior engineering; you
    will notice the difference in the appearance and the longevity.
    Here are some examples of the doors we use on our buildings:

       Standard style cedar aisle end doors                                    Standard style steel or aluminum framed arena doors
       with tempered glass                                                                 with tempered glass top - also available on aisle end doors

       Custom Spanish cedar aisle end doors with tempered                Custom cedar aisle end doors with full tempered glass top 
       glass and custom transom window

     Custom door with side lites and transom at entry into lounge of restored stone barn 


                                    Cedar entry doors and cedar Dutch doors 

                                                         Custom cedar door with historic detail and hardware
                                                         for new addition section on restored historic barn


         Exterior of Spanish cedar entry door with rounded top                       Interior of Spanish cedar entry doors with square top


Interior of Spanish cedar doors with rounded top

           Semi-custom stall door with rounded top                            Standard style cedar aisle end doors, hay loft doors and
           and drop down yoke                           
                                   Dutch doors, all with tempered glass

                  Semi-custom pass door with gabled entry roof               Semi-custom aluminum-framed arena door with large windows 


                                Semi-custom cedar barn aisle sliding doors with tempered glass


                    Aluminum-framed sliding doors with "tongue & groove" aluminum inserts and large tempered glass windows 

               Standard style steel or aluminum framed Dutch door              Semi-custom Spanish cedar Dutch door with transom windows 


  Standard style cedar sliding door with modified cross buck design            Semi-custom cedar aisle end doors and hay loft doors -                                                                                                                                cedar on the diagonal, tempered glass tops

     Triple combination of sliding doors for storage area                         Semi-custom sliding cedar aisle doors with arched windows

      Custom door service:
    In addition to our extensive line of standard and semi-custom doors, we offer a 
    full custom door service.  Whether you need one door or many doors, historically
    correct or cleanly contemporary, we will work with your architect's drawings, or
    we will complete a design for you.

             Custom cedar sliding doors with inset pass door                      Custom door made with old barn wood
                                                                                                                to access storage under stairwell  

                               Two examples of custom cedar overhead garage doors with windows

    For additional information about our custom door service, call
    James Fisher at (888) 354-4740 

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