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are not just an architectural feature -- they bring in more natural light and
improve the ventilation and air exchange.

Correctly detailed dormers will repeat and reinforce the style of the building.
They help to bring relief from the vast expanses of roofing on larger barns
or arenas, and visually lift the downslope of the roofline.
In a loft or apartment, they will provide additional usable space by providing
needed headroom under the eaves.

Dormers come in many shapes and sizes -- Colonial style dormers (also known
as "dog house" dormers), shed roof dormers, pyramid style dormers and hipped
roof dormers.

King designs dormers both for their practical utility and for their aesthetic appeal.
See some examples below . . .  

  Hay dormer with historic details - custom hardware
  and an old wood hay pulley

    Shed roof style dormers in hay loft

                 Dog house (gable) dormer in hay loft

 Full shed roof dormer to create apartment space in loft

    Pyramid style dormers

  Hipped roof dormer 

  Gabled hay loft dormer with split hinged loft doors

  Dog house (gable) dormer in hay loft

      Dog house (gable) dormer with architectural
      detail in window, trim and staggered shingles

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