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Large Barns & Facilities

     Large Barns – 16 or more stalls

Large horse barns frequently serve as the anchor for a professional training, boarding, showing or breeding operation.

In addition to the barn, these farms usually require multiple facilities to support the enterprise. Most require an indoor arena, and they often need need groom's quarters, equipment garages, hay and bedding storage, breeding rooms and foaling stalls, manure handling facilities, covered walkers and treadmills, round pens, loafing sheds and run-ins.

          Westview Farm
 - Pawling, New York
           Courtyard style horse barn with two apartments, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom.
           24 Euro stalls, 2 wash stalls, 2 grooming stalls, 2 tack rooms, grain room, laundry room, 2 bathrooms
           with dressing area, storage closet(s), 2 blanket closets, vetting area with palpation chute and foal
           holding stall, lab & vet supply, tool & storage room, full loft with hay drops
           Indoor arena 100' x 200' - large viewing room/lounge with stone fireplace, viewing balcony,
           full kitchen, office, 2 bathrooms and 4 storage areas.

These are high-activity barns with busy schedules – owners, family members, trainers, managers, grooms and clients all needing a well-lit and comfortable space to work, to groom and to ride; an area for the vet, dentist and farrier; a private space for a meeting, and a comfortable place to take a break or to relax at the end of a long day.

It's sometimes a very complex set of needs, but we have done many large horse barns and support facilities for a wide range of disciplines, so our experience can give you the insight and the guidance you're looking for.

And we have a lot in common with horse professionals... horses are our business too.
We understand the importance of light, ventilation and the many structural elements needed to keep them safe, healthy and performing their best.

Let us design and build an attractive, well-planned facility for you -- your customers and horses will all appreciate the beauty and function of their new King barn!


        River's Edge Inc. -
Flemington, New Jersey

        Home of Scott Stewart & Ken Berkley
        Built to create a full courtyard, with 48 horse stalls, 8 wash/groom stalls, 2 tack rooms, office, feed
        room, 2 bathrooms (1 with shower), mechanical room, laundry room, blanket storage, partial loft
        Equipment garage with groom's quarters (not pictured)

        **  All photos of River's Edge courtesy of Laura Luis/Three Lights Photography  **


                                             Courtyard fountain - barrel vault ceiling in background

  8 wash/groom stalls (total) – this section shows 2 wash stalls and 2 groom stalls (on right side of aisle).
  Wash stalls have concrete block walls topped with brick; groom stalls have partitions to match Euro King stalls.
  Rubber brick pavers in aisle, wash and grooming stalls.
  Mahogany wainscot along aisle, in tack rooms and office (on left side of aisle)


          Little Creek Farm - North Salem, New York 
           Courtyard style horse barn with 40 horse stalls, 6 wash/groom stalls, 2 tack rooms, 2 grain rooms,
           laundry room, full bathroom with shower and dressing room, 2 blanket closets, full loft
           Indoor arena 110' x 204' viewing room, viewing balcony and jump storage
           5-Bay equipment garage with groom's quarters


     Silver Oak Stables - St James, New York
     An "Old World" courtyard barn with lots of stone.  
     The barn's interior features timber framing - there are 24 Euro stalls, 2 wash/groom stalls, 2 vet/farrier
     stalls, a hay storage room, a grain room, 2 tack rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 tool rooms, 2 blanket storage rooms,
     a laundry, an office, a kitchenette and a large storage/trunk room. 
     Upstairs, there is a large viewing room, an office and a full kitchen with a large dining area, a locker room
     and 2 bathrooms, 1 with a shower.
     In addition to the upstairs viewing room there are 2 raised viewing platforms, 1 on each side of the
     entry into the 110'x225 indoor arena.  The arena features glu-laiminated timbers and a fully finished
     wood interior with large windows for excellent natural light and ventilation.

     This facility also has an equipment garage and a hay storage barn.

    The barn interior at Silver Oak Stables                          The indoor arena with laminated timbers


   Epic Farm - Middlefield, Connecticut See a Video Tour of this facility

    Courtyard barn with 20 horse stalls, 2 over-sized tack rooms, 4 wash/groom stalls, 2 blanket
    closets, grain room, office, laundry & utility room, bathroom with shower and dressing area,
    large lounge with kitchen and viewing area.
    Barn is attached to a new 84'x200' indoor arena with roll-up windows and a large viewing
    room with a kitchen and 2 half-bathrooms.  

                           Photo courtesy of Juan Vidal Photography
    The Stable at Riding Mill - Frenchtown, New Jersey                   
    Home of Steiner Dressage, Betsy & Jessie Steiner
    20 King Euro stalls, 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room, grain room, laundry room, bathroom, office, full loft
    Indoor arena 90'x200' (sits behind the barn)


                  Market Street - Frenchtown, New Jersey
                  Home of Five-time Olympian Anne Kursinski

                  A courtyard style horse barn with 28 horse stalls, 4 wash stalls, reception/lounge, 
                  office, tack room, grain room, laundry room, 2 bathrooms
                  2nd floor groom's quarters
                  Indoor arena 90'x200' with viewing room
                  Covered Euro walker


               Beacon Hill Show Stables -
Colt's Neck, New Jersey 
               Home of Stacia Klein Madden

                   A true landmark facility with 31 horse stalls in main barns and additional
                   stalls in shed row barns; wash stalls, tack room , office
                   Indoor arena - 80' x 200'
                   Covered Euro walker



         Ravenswood Farm

         Bedminster, New Jersey
         28 King Euro stalls, 4 wash/groom stalls, tack room, office, lounge, grain rooms, laundry,
         bathrooms, full loft
         Indoor arena 90'x220' glu-laminated timbers and fully finished wood interior
         Equipment garage

   Beacon Woods Stables

   South Glastonbury, CT
   A distinctly European flair - 24 stalls, tack room, trunk room, 6 wash/groom stalls, 2 grain rooms,
   2 offices, laundry/supply room, mechanical room, blanket room, 2 bathrooms (1 with shower and
   dressing area)
   Indoor arena 84'x204' with elevated viewing room
   5-bay equipment garage with 2 apartments
   Hay & bedding storage barn
   Manure transfer building


    Five Way Farms, LLC 
    Mechanicsburg, PA                                 (Above and below) 

    The new facilities include:
    A beautiful timber-framed horse barn with 10 King Euro stalls, an oversized tack room, 
    feed room, laundry room, 2 wash stalls and 3 grooming stalls with built-in groom's boxes.
    A 1300 sq ft groom's quarters featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a large great 
    room, laundry facilities and mudroom.
    A 90'x200' indoor arena with large roll-up windows, a viewing deck and a connector 
    to the horse barn

    A 62 ft diameter timber-framed covered 6-horse walker
    In addition, King restored the existing antique barn, complete with 10 spacious horse stalls

                                                      See a video of this farm


           Aventine Hill Farm

            Bedminster, NJ
            16 Euro King stalls (12x14), 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room/lounge, 2 blanket closets,
            office, bathroom, laundry room, grain/bedding room
            Indoor arena 84'x204' with large viewing room and porch overlooking outdoor arena
            5-Bay equipment garage with two (2) two-bedroom apartments

               Wellspring Farm

                Colt's Neck, NJ
                22 King deluxe horse stalls, 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room, grain room, office, laundry
                facilities, blanket storage, bathrooms, full length porches, full loft
                1200 sq ft apartment

           Red Tail Farm

            Bedminster, NJ
            28 horse stalls, 4 wash/groom, tack room, locker rooms, grain rooms, blanket storage,
            laundry room, bathrooms
            Indoor arena 90'x180' with viewing room

           Therapeutic Equestrian Center

            Cold Spring, NY

                                                    Watch a Video Here

            20 horse stalls, wash stall, 4 grooming stalls, tack room, grain room, laundry, bathroom, tool closet
            Indoor arena 84'x184' with viewing room, HCA mounting platform,
            Administrative section with offices, therapy room, conference room, kitchen,
            3 bathrooms (1 with shower)
            All facilities fully HCA - accessible to all with disabilities
            Equipment garage - 3 bays with 2 bedroom apartment

           Old Stone Farm

            Staatsburg, NY
            18 horse stalls, 3 wash/groom stalls, tack room, 2 grain rooms, laundry room, blanket room,
            2 bathrooms, office
            Indoor arena dressage-sized 70'x140' with viewing room and viewing balcony

       Stone Bridge Farm
        Schuylerville, NY
        20 horse stalls (12x15), 2 wash/groom stalls, vet clinic, foaling/recovery room, tack room, grain room,
        laundry, reception area and offices, Aquaciser area, full length porch, full loft
        Indoor arena 120' x 170' steel indoor arena with viewing room
        Covered Euro walker

       Five Star Equestrian Center -
Colt's Neck, New Jersey
       Home of Stonehenge Stables - Max Amaya
        40 King deluxe horse stalls, wash stalls, tack room, office, 2 grain rooms, laundry, bathrooms, 
        wrap around porches, full loft
        Indoor arena 90' x 200' with viewing room
        Groom's quarters

       Misty Hollow Farm

        Lebanon, NJ
        16 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, bathroom, full length porch, loft
        Indoor arena 80' x 200' with viewing room/lounge and office


       Ariston Farm, LLC
        Wrightstown, NJ

       Hedgerow Limited - Rumson, NJ
        Courtyard style horse barn with 20 horse stalls - groom's quarters
        Indoor arena - 80' x 212 arena with viewing room

       Rendez-Vous Farm

        Ashford, CT
        26 horse stalls, 4 wash/groom stalls, tack room & owner's tack room, grain & tool room, 
        laundry room, office, 2 bathrooms with dressing areas, blanket room, full loft
        Indoor arena 100'x200' with viewing room & tractor garage

              Horizon Hill Farm - Unionville, PA
                15 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, laundry, bathroom
                Indoor arena 80'x200' with viewing room

        Bluman Equestrian - North Salem, New York
        (formerly The Pavillion)
        18 horse stalls, 2 wash stalls, 4 grooming stalls, tack room, trunk room, grain room, laundry room, 
        blanket closet, 2 bathrooms, coffee/soda bar, dressing room, office
        Indoor arena 84'x204' with two-way viewing room to courtyard outdoor arena
        Hay & bedding storage building
        Groom's quarters

Inspired by our showcase of large horse barns?
If you’re planning to build a horse facility with a barn of any size, be sure to contact the representative
serving your area to discuss your project. Our preliminary consultations are offered at no fee.

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