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Lounges & Viewing" style="font-size: 12px;">Lounges & Viewing

 Viewing Rooms
      Viewing rooms are a great amenity for a professional facility or a private farm  .  .  .

    Viewing room & lounge
    Lebanon, NJ

   They're a place for prospective buyers to view your horses, for family members to
   watch a riding lesson, for clients to gather during a clinic, a place to come get warm
   during the winter season, and a space to have lunch or to set up a party buffet.

   Viewing rooms can be utilitarian or luxurious  --  as simple as an elevated deck
   behind the riding guard, or appointed with fireplaces and full kitchens.

   Here are a few examples of King lounges, viewing rooms, balconies and decks: 

                  Viewing room with kitchen (not shown)
             Arena 84' x 204'
             South Glastonbury, CT


                       Viewing room and lounge 24' x 48' with stone fireplace and full bar 
                Arena -  100' x 200'
                Pawling, NY

Viewing balcony - viewing room is on the
     main floor behind one-way glass
     Staatsburg, NY


 Viewing room with covered front porch and
    handicap access ramp.  Indoor arena 84' x 204'
    Middlefield, CT

  Viewing room interior with stone floor (kitchen not shown)
   Indoor arena 84'x204'
   Middlefield, CT

   Viewing room with cedar siding, handicap access
   North Salem, NY    

   Viewing room on main floor with steel platform viewing balcony above
   Arena  110' x 210'
   North Salem, NY  


  Shed roof style viewing room with 2-way viewing
   Indoor arena  (84'x204') and outdoor arena
   North Salem, NY

   Viewing room with covered front porch
   Indoor arena 84'x204'
   Bedminster, NJ

    Small viewing deck
    Annapolis, MD


  Viewing room and lounge with two-way fireplace
   Full kitchen, pool table  (not shown)
   Indoor arena  84'x204'
   Millbrook, NY

   Viewing room & lounge with fireplace and full kitchen
   Pluckemin, NJ


   Elevated viewing deck
   Conestoga, PA

   Elevated viewing deck with HCA mounting platform
   Cold Spring, NY 


   Judge's stand and outdoor covered viewing pavilion
   St. James, NY 

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