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King Construction Co, LLC - Premier Horse Barns Mats & Pavers

Mats & Pavers

Mats, Mattresses and Pavers

Stall Mats 
    Standard - all the horse stalls in a King barn come fitted with 3/4" black 
    rubber mats.  Stall mats reduce maintenance and improve your horse's 
    comfort -- they insulate your horse from the cold ground in the winter and
    make stall cleaning easier.  They also keep the stall surface level and 
    discourage digging. 

    Skilled installation is the key to the longevity of stall mats -- they MUST 
    be cut and fit very tightly, and our crews are masters at fitting mats . . .  


Stall Mattresses

    For the ultimate in comfort and ease of cleaning, stall mattresses are 
    the answer!  Mattresses provide a cushion that is very comfortable -- 
    great for horses in training, young stock, senior horses, horses in 
    recovery and broodmares.

    If you have concrete stall floors, stall mats will not be sufficient , but 
    stall mattresses will provide the added cushion your horses need.  
    If you're trying to retrofit an old barn with concrete floors, mattresses
    will save you the cost of jackhammering and removing all that concrete.  
    And stall mattresses provide superior insulation from the cold ground 
    during the winter, making them a perfect bed for seniors and foals.  

    Mattresses are more expensive than stall mats as an initial investment, 
    but you will soon make your money back -- because of the cushioned 
    surface, mattresses require far less bedding, making them both a cost
    saver and a labor saver.  

    Their smooth waterproof cover keeps all waste on top, so it's very easy
    to keep the stalls clean and sweet smelling, and they can be fully disinfected,
    making them a great choice, especially for foaling stalls.

  Cutaway shows how much more cushion stall mattresses provide!

Black Mats for the Aisle, Wash and Grooming Stalls

We recess the aisle, wash stall and grooming stall mats inside a concrete, brick or
stone apron for an attractive, level surface.  The mats will not shift, and there are
no raised edges for horses or people to trip over. 

These recessed mats are rugged and provide a safer surface with more cushion
and less possibility of slipping.  They will last for many years, but if one gets
damaged or shows wear, they're a standard size and can be readily replaced. 

     Fitted black mats recessed in concrete                Recessed black mats with brick aprons

Rubber Brick Pavers for the Aisle, Wash and Grooming Stalls

    Rubber brick interlocking pavers are made from premium quality
    1-3/4" rubber, with great cushion.  They come in four standard 
    colors:    black, hunter green, terra cotta red and gray.  

    These pavers are virtually slip free, even when wet; they have 
    antibacterial properties, they are anti-shock, permeable and very 
    durable.  All of these qualities make them an ideal surface for wash
    and grooming stalls, for aisles, breeding sheds, outdoor walkways 
    and outdoor wash racks.

    In the aisles, the cushion helps to ease leg stress over a long busy 
    day, and the look is beautiful.  

    Rubber brick is also available in 3/4" sheet stock, which is ideal for
    retrofitting an existing concrete aisle or for adding a finished surface
    to a feed room floor.

Rubber brick pavers (1-3/4") in aisle                 Rubber brick 3/4" sheet stock glued
and wash // groom stalls with                             down over concrete - "wall-to-wall" 
concrete aprons - black pavers                            Color is hunter green

   Red rubber brick pavers (1-3/4") in aisle          Black rubber brick pavers (1-3/4") 

Tumbled Brick or Cobblestone Pavers 

    For a beautiful and historic look . . .
    We've used a variety of bricks and pavers on our projects, from
    historic reclaimed bricks, to the newer man-made concrete tumbled
    cobblestones, bricks, blocks and pavers. 

    Available in a nearly unlimited variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures 
    and price ranges, tumbled bricks and cobblestones provide an additional
    design element for the entry, the aisles, a courtyard or patio, or in the
    tack room as a practical and attractive finished floor.

   Tumbled bricks with concrete aprons

                    An all-new barn made to look vintage -- these historic bricks
                    once paved the streets of Boston

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