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King Construction Co, LLC - Premier Horse Barns Mid-Sized Barns

Mid-Sized Barns

Mid-Sized Barns - from 7 to 15 stalls

  Some mid-sized horse barns are private, but often a mid-sized barn
  has to work for a living . . . as a boarding facility, a training barn, 
  or the center of a breeding operation.

  There are additional design challenges to provide:
  the support areas needed to make it function,
  some amenities for clients,
  enough storage for all the feed and equipment, 
  a layout that saves time and labor,
  and all within an exterior that is appealing and distinctive . . . 

 Callander Farm
 Berryville, Virginia
 Nine (9) King deluxe stalls (14x14), 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room (14x22), office 14x14) , grain room,
 Storage room (14x20)

  The horse barn pictured above has many interesting architectural
  features, and is a successful blending of traditional and contemporary
  design elements.

 Below are some more examples
  of our custom mid-sized horse barns, all of them true to their heritage,
  but reflecting the more contemporary style of their own era.

   Storybook Farm
  North Salem, New York

   Horse barn has 12 stalls with yoke doors; large tack room with kitchen, custom tack lockers, 2 wash/
   groom stalls, large grain room with access to full loft and blanket storage; office, laundry room and  
   half bath.  The barn is attached to the 80'x180' indoor arena, featuring large roll-up windows, a
   viewing deck and dust-free footing.

   Gantsoudes Farm
  Orange, Virginia
   Horse barn has 8 King "Monarch" Euro stalls, all with walk-out to paddocks; tack room, wash stall,
   feed room, grain room, laundry and half bath.  Barn is attached to 70'x200' indoor arena, fully finished,
   with dust free footing -- barn is open to arena on long side, with half wall and arched wood openings.  
   Owners live close to their horses in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment (with garage) located on
   the gable end of the complex.

   Rolling Hollow Farm
   Clinton Corners, New York
    A new barn designed to harmonize with the existing historic barns on the property.  The barn
    exterior features cedar siding, hand-split shakes on the roof and a stone-faced foundation.  
    The pentice roofs over the horse stalls are copper roofed with custom bracings.  
    The interior has a rubber brick aisle, eight King Monarch Euro stalls (12x14), a huge tack room/lounge
    (the "L" of the barn), a grain room, wash stall, laundry, blanket closet and a bathroom with shower. 

    Christel Creek Farm
   Patterson, New York
   14 King deluxe stalls (12x14), 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room, office, laundry room, grain room, 2 blanket
   closets, full bathroom with shower, full loft; attached carriage barn (not shown) with living quarters above


    Pickering Equine Center
   Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
     A state-of-the-art equine rehabilitation center.
    The horse barn features rubber brick pavers for safe, non-slip footing, 11 stalls (12'x12')                   with full-view doors and a 12'x12' isolation stall.  In addition, there are 3 wash/groom stalls, 
    a large tack room, an office, a vet office, a diagnostic room, drug & vet supply storage,                    a laundry and two bathrooms.

    There are two apartments on the 2nd floor of the main building.   

    Also part of the connected complex:  an indoor arena, a truck garage and a large treadmill 
    room that houses both a treadmill and an Aquatrainer 


    Stone Barn
   Paoli, Pennsylvania

    With its tongue & groove siding, cedar shake roof and high stone foundation, this all-new barn has 
look and character of a historic building.  

    There are seven (7) Euro style stalls, a tack room with kitchen, a wash stall, laundry room,
    half bathroom and mechanical room.  The center aisle is tumbled cobblestone.  
The full loft has hay drops into all stalls; the three dormers add aesthetic appeal, as well as more
    light and ventilation, and there are two venting cupolas.
     The smaller building (R) is a garage and storage building 

        Iron Farm
         Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
          Restored historic barn on left - new barn wings in center and on right.
          7 Euro style horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, feed room 

            Grace Farm
 formerly Kessler Show Stables - 2012 Olympians Reed Kessler & Cylana

             Armonk, New York
             10 King Euro stalls, 1 wash stall, tack room, laundry room, bathroom, recessed grain bin,
             recessed trunk area, partial loft

   Steeple Chase Farm
   Greenwich, Connecticut
   8 King deluxe stalls, 1 wash/groom stall, tack room, grain room, laundry room, bathroom, 
   blanket closet, recessed trunk area, full loft
   Also:  indoor arena, equipment garage with apartment, custom run-ins, manure transfer

     Hunt's End Farm
      Gladstone, New Jersey

     A beautiful combination of renovation and new construction . . .
     The old barn and silo have been structurally restored and given a facelift with new siding
     and a combination of architectural shingles and standing seam roofing.  The new barn and
     old barn are connected, creating a courtyard that features a stone wall and stone
     wainscoting (see below)

    The new barn contains 12 King Euro stalls (12'x12'), a large grain room and hay storage  There
    are two wash/groom stalls; the large tack room with kitchen is in the old barn, adjoining
    the wash/groom stalls.  There is also a full bath with shower and a laundry room.  The center
    aisle has brick pavers in a herringbone design.

                        Hudson Farm
                        8 stalls (7 full-sized, 1 for mini), large tack room
                        8 ft porch on each side, stone wainscoting, aluminum framed aisle & Dutch doors

                 Grassley Farm
                       Waterford, Virginia
Multi-function custom horse barn with dog kennel and equipment garage.
                      Total of 9 stalls -- 6 horse stalls; 3 stalls are divided into 6 dog kennels
                      Tack room, wash stall and dog wash/grooming, feed & tool room, bathroom
                      Three-bay garage with finished fitness room above and access to composite deck

        COBY FARM
        Quakertown, PA
        12 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, laundry room, bathroom, full loft
        Indoor arena 80'x200' with viewing room

                                Mountain Laurel Farm
                                North Salem, NY
                                7 stalls, 1 wash/groom stall, tack room with bathroom, grain room,
                                partial loft; 2 bedroom guest apartment

                Willow Farm
                North Salem, NY
                8 horse stalls, 1 wash/groom stall, tack room/office, grain room, laundry, bathroom
                Porch, full loft

                The Orchard
                Leesburg, Virginia
                10 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, full length porch, full loft

     Tatetuck Farm
     Amenia, New York
   15 stalls, 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room with office, grain room, laundry room, bathroom 

  West Grove, Pennsylvania
  Courtyard style horse barn with 8 horse stalls, tack room, harness room, 2 carriage rooms, grain room,
  blanket room.  Rear features a full length porch (see photo below for opposite side)  
                    Extensive use of natural stone and a full porch to shelter horses from the elements


            Echo Land Farm
            Manheim, Pennsylvania
            Custom horse barn with 10 horse stalls 12'x12'; tack room, feed & storage
            room, wash stall - partial loft
            Also pictured - 36'x48' storage barn

                            Foxcote Farm
                            Unionville, Pennsylvania
                            9 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, laundry room, bathroom,
                            full length porch, full loft                             

                Denton Farm
                Annapolis, Maryland
                7 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room 

                            Deerfield Farm 
                            Richmond, VA
                            10 King deluxe horse stalls, wash/groom stall, tack room, grain
                            room, laundry room, blanket storage, bathroom, full loft, full length porch


                June Hill Farm 
                Stamford, Connecticut
                Historic design for a new horse barn with 9 horse stalls, 1 wash/groom stall, tack room,
                grain room, laundry room, bathroom, blanket closet, full loft.

    Anstu Farm
    Millbrook, New York
    Shed row style horse barn with 10 stalls, and enclosed tack room, feed room

                         Khaki Run Farm  
                     Greensboro, North Carolina
                     10 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, laundry, bathroom,
                     full length porches, full loft

   Sixteen Hands Farm
     Long Valley, NJ
   12 horse stalls, 1 wash stall, tack room/lounge, grain room, laundry room,
   full bathroom with shower, office, full length porch, 2nd floor apartment
   Indoor arena - 84'x200' 

      Cheshire Valley Hunt Club
      Unionville, PA
    14 horse stalls, 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room, feed room, attached 4-bay garage

        West Marlborough Farm -  Unionville, PA
       An all-new horse barn with a historic look. 
       9 stall barn, garage, office and groom's apartment


    Are you inspired by our showcase of mid-sized horse barns?

    If you're planning to build a horse barn of any size, be sure to contact the King representative
    serving your area to discuss your project.  Our preliminary consultations are offered at no fee. 

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