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Portable Barns

   Portable Shed Row Barns 

          The portable shed row barn provides more shelter than a run-in shed,
          and it allows horses to be confined when necessary.

           A portable shed row barn can offer and ideal solution when a small
          facility is needed as an overflow barn, an isolation barn, a retirement
          barn, or as a temporary facility while the main barn is under construction.

          Pictured below  -  a 2-stall shed row barn providing a comfortable shelter
          for recently retired show horses


          Above and Below Left  - 

          The stall doors are open during the day and closed at night, giving the 
          horses open access to turnout, while helping them to make the transition
          from training/showing to retirement.


            Above Right - The stall interiors are bright and finished with strong 2"x8"
            tongue & groove planking.  Note that the walls are fully lined to the eave
            line, not just to 4 ft.  

            The centered grille allows more air circulation and socialization, while
            providing privacy in the corners for quieter, more relaxed feeding.

            Below  -  The barn is in an ideal location -- elevated to keep water out and
            under the canopy of shade trees for sun and weather protection.


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