Celebrating our 40th Year  
   Setting the standard for four decades!
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Preserving America's Past

                    Beautifully restored and now a multi-functional garage and family recreation center    
                    (see the "before" photo below)

Old Barns   are such an important part of America and our history . . . 
                    They are a reminder of our heritage, of the strength and 
              perseverance of those who came before us.
The timbers in many of these old barns were harvested from ancient
              forests and hewn to size with hand tools.  They have survived through
              many generations and, while all around them has changed, they have 
              remained constant.  
                  They bring our past into the present and remind us of our traditions  - 
              they reassure us with their permanence and reinforce our connection 
              with the land.
              They are worth preserving . . .

              This is a "Before" photo of the restored barn pictured above


        From Forlorn .....

To Fabulous .....

   A beautiful old bank barn (above), now fully restored and multi-tasking -- 
   a horse barn, spacious living quarters and lots of storage 


              Before -  this older barn was dark inside and out (below), and had water problems
              that created rot and dampness.


              King's renovation (above) has completely transformed the barn into a light and 
              bright environment.  The new aluminum-framed Dutch doors and aisle doors have
              large windows that bring in the light, even in the winter with the doors closed, and
              skylights above the stalls bring in light from above.  
              The venting cupolas exhaust stale air and create better air exchange.  The stone
              wainscot is beautiful and keeps the barn's base and interior dry.          

              Photos below show the improvements to the interior -- a much more appealing and
              healthy environment for the horses and their people.


                            "Before" shown above                                    "After" shown below           


      Before  (below)    
      Unused for years and aging ungracefully, this huge barn was once the center of the farm's
      activity and prosperity.  The new owners saw its potential and decided to invest in its future ...    


    After a thoughtful and careful restoration, this barn has come back to life as a combination
    horse barn and multi-purpose farm building.  With restored and resquared masonry, new
    aluminum framed Dutch windows and sliding doors, a new pentice roof and metal roofing,
    this barn is ready to work and serve for another 100 years.    (see the "after" below) 


               Restored exterior - above


                Restored interior  - above


   Here's a beautiful example of a sensitive restoration . . .  this barn (see "before" photo on
   the  left) had been unused for many years and had fallen into disrepair - the roof was bad,
   the support timbers were rotting at the base.  But it had "great bones" and was very deserving
   of a second chapter in its long history.

   See "after" photo on right for a close up of the same porch after the renovation -- the new
   double entry doors were made in our shop and designed to remain faithful to the originals.
   We added windows to the Dutch doors (see larger photo) to give the horses more natural light.  

   The larger photo below is an expanded view of the newly-renovated courtyard barn, ready
   to serve for many years to come.

      Larger view showing the courtyard of the fully restored barn


      Below are photos of a not-so-old barn with a structurally sound foundation, but an old, dark
      and inadequate interior space.  With an innovative plan from Gardner/Fox Associates, King
      has turned this little barn into something very special.  

      In addition to the photos, be sure to watch the video showing the transformation from
      beginning to end.


   Before - dark interior                                                         Before - unattractive exterior

                 After - a light, bright interior with beautiful, safe stalls and great ventilation


             After -  a complete transformation offering much-needed space for storage and function
             This barn now has the look of an historic barn, with great architectural detail 


              Before -  a converted dairy barn was in need of improvements to maximize
              its potential as a horse barn.  

              After -  an amazing transformation . . . the horse barn is now light and bright with
              improved air circulation and ventilation.  Each horse has a Dutch window; grilled
              partitions and yokes in the stall doors give the horses "buddy up" time.  The
              storage space in the barn has been re-configured and better organized to keep
              clutter off the aisle. 




          "Before" picture of the barn pictured below


                       "After" - restored and converted into a horse barn with hay storage above


                                    "Before" - a time-worn cow barn before restoration


            "After" (above & below) Redesigned and restored into a multi-functional building


                       "Before" - this old barn had given many years of service but had reached
                                         the point of needing a full restoration  


        "After" - with its new structural support, new siding and standing seam roof, this great
                       old bank barn stores hay, equipment and provides shelter to animals and poultry 



                                            "Before" - Front and rear of barn before restoration

        "After" - beautifully restored and re-purposed, with new and restored masonry,
                        custom-made doors and a new standing seam roof.

                                                                                                                   After restoration
           Previously "re-muddled" and then ravaged by fire, this circa 1860's building was in
         desperate condition when King was called in to design and complete the restoration.
         Originally the Mount Culmen Evangelical Congregational Church, the church was
         established in 1862 by circuit riders from Reading, Pennsylvania.
         In 1960, the church was relocated and the building was "renovated" into a private home.
         It burned down in 2006.

         Then, after several years in its burned-out condition, the decision was made to
         bring it back to life.     
         This was a restoration requiring a true understanding of its history and its original
         architectural features, coupled with the skills to save what could be saved and to
         carefully rebuild the items that had been lost.
        Here are some additional photos of the restored building: 

    Custom-made front door                                Restored stone wall, fireplace, old board floors
                                                                       and deep window wells

     An up-to-date kitchen with historic appeal                                                         Custom bedroom doors






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