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Run-In Sheds

   Run-In Sheds

      One of the core buildings on every horse farm is the run-in shed --
      they must be utilitarian, but that does not mean they can't be beautiful . . .

King's portable run - in


              King 14'x24' run-in with high gable ends and deep overhang

             King has designed a budget-pleasing portable run-in that will not only serve
             your needs, but will complement your farm's other buildings.

             Our portable has a much steeper roof pitch (more like a traditional barn),
             a deep, protective overhand, and beautiful detail on the siding and trim.
             And we use high-quality materials so your shed will stand up to abuse,
             both from the horses and from the elements -- it will be sound and
             durable for many years to come.


                 Orange, VA
                 12'x24' run-in sheds painted to match barn & arena


                   Patterson, NY
                   14'x36' run-in with shingles in the gables and metal roofing.
                   This building blends in with its wooded surroundings.

               Phoenixville, PA

           Middleburg, VA
           12'x24'  painted to match the barn

  King custom run-ins

    If you need a run-in that is deeper than 14 ft, or one with architectural features
    that will match your barn or other farm buildings, King will custom design and
    build one on site.

    Steeple Chase Farm, Greenwich, CT

    Two custom run-ins sheds connected by a breezeway over the laneway.
    Custom dovecote cupola with a bell-shaped copper roof.

        Sheffield Farms, Middletown, NY

        Custom 30'x64' loafing shed  -  open to loafing area 30'x48'
        One 12'x16' horse stall, feed room, tool storage room.
        Louvered cedar cupolas with copper roofs; pine siding with
        metal roofing.

More about King's portable run - ins . . .
     Until now, the choices for an economical run-in have been very limited and
         not all that attractive.

         The run-ins from the "other guys" are all built with shallow overhangs, squatty
         roof lines and rough cut 1" kick boards like this one


        At King, the interior walls are lined with smooth 2"x8" tonue & groove Southern
        yellow pine planking, just like the horse stalls in our barns.  Our walls won't have
        splinters or cracks between the boards, and they can withstand a full-force kick
        without giving way.

        We line the walls of our run-ins up to a height of 8 ft (not the 4 ft level of the
        "other guys").  This gives our sheds greater strength, gives them added weather
        protection, and most importantly, the studs are covered to prevent chewing.
We offer our portable run-ins in six (6) standard sizes to fit nearly every need
        from 12'x16' up to 14'x28', and they will arrive painted or stained in your
        choice of colors.

        And you can choose from a wide range of options to further customize your
        run-ins, including storage rooms, Dutch doors, windows, copper-roofed
        cupolas, and metal roofing instead of architectural shingles.

        So, if you're in need of one or more run-in sheds, have a closer look at the 
        King run-ins vs the "other guy".  Compare our features and our pricing, and
        you will find real value in a beautiful building!


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