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Siding, Roofing & Stone

Your choices include wood, cement-based,
steel, vinyl, composite, or any other siding that is available on the market.

Wood Siding -
Pine or cedar in many styles -- some examples:

Cedar board & batten base
with cedar shingle gables

Cedar clapboard

Cedar shingles

Cedar shiplap

Pine shiplap

Cedar channel rustic base
with cedar shingle gables

"Novelty" Clapboard Siding

Hardi Siding -
A cement-based product that will not burn, Hardi does not rot and does not attract insects.
Low maintenance; can be ordered pre-painted from the factory with a finish that will last for about 15 years.

Hardi Clapboard Siding

Hardi Board & Batten Siding

Other Sidings:

 Stucco with stone wainscot 

Painted steel - available in many colors and several profiles

Is there anything with more universal appeal than stone? 
King uses stone on many projects, so we have skilled masons to insure that your stone walls, siding, fireplace,  
aisles or walkways are both beautiful and
Depending on the application and the budget, we can use 6" natural stone, 2" natural stone veneer (which saves on foundation costs), or we can use one of the many new and attractive synthetic stone products. 

Here are some examples of our work:

6" natural stone wainscot with slate capping

 Stone archway, stone columns
  and stone barn exterior with 
  Spanish cedar Dutch doors

6" natural stone gable end, with natural stone wainscot and stone capping

Lodge style see-through fireplace in natural fieldstone 

Natural stone walls, antique  brick walkway with soldier course (mortared)

Natural stone entry and wainscot, tumbled brick pavers with soldier course (no mortar)

Natural stone combined with cedar shingles

Natural stone entry, wainscot and lodge style fireplace

Natural stone gables, wainscot and courtyard walls

Brick veneer on gable ends and porch columns

Tumbled brick paver circle centered within rubber brick paver aisle

 Tumbled brick with mortar

Your choices include  architectural shingles, cedar shakes, painted steel in several profiles,
steel standing seam, metal shingles, faux slate
or any other roofing that is available in the market.

Here are some examples of roofing we've used:

Architectural shingles -
30 year

Architectural shingles -
50 year

 Cedar shakes

Steel standing seam

Painted steel 

 Steel standing seam 

 Faux slate 

 Corrugated steel galvalume

Steel standing seam

Painted steel siding & roofing -
Ultra Max Profile 

   Architectural shingles -
   50 year

Cedar shakes with copper flashing

  Painted steel roofing

 Architectural shingles -
 30 year 

  Steel Standing seam

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