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Small Barns

Small Barns - from 1 to 6 stalls
 are no less important to us . . .
 in fact, they're often among our most memorable projects.

                                                         Happy Journey Farm                                               
                                                                         Bedford, New York
                                                                          3 horse stalls, tack room, grain room, full loft, tractor garage

Small horse barns have special design considerations - they are usually on
smaller properties and need to complement the architecture of the home.  Because the footprint is small, it's important to utilize every square foot
for its best purpose, while providing some space to relax between rides.

     Bedminster, New Jersey

     An all-new 4 stall barn built with reclaimed barn wood and timbers for a historic look.
     Stalls are a modified King euro style; the barn also features a wash/groom stall with
     a solarium, tack room, grain room, laundry and half bathroom. 

      Middleburg, Virginia

      A beautiful example of a small barn - the exterior features stone and Hardi Panel board & batten
pentice roofs, timber-framed porches and a combination of standing seam and cedar shake 
      shingle roofs, topped off with a custom cupola.

      On the interior, the barn aisle has rubber brick pavers; there are four King Sovereign Euro stalls 
      (12'x12'), each with stall mattresses and automatic waterers.  There is a large tack room/lounge,                           a grain room, bathroom, laundry facility, and a heated wash/groom stall with built-in groom's storage.

      As a bonus, this beautiful building also houses a climate-controlled wine cellar and a 2nd floor
      wine tasting room/lounge.

     Latzko Farm
      Newark, Delaware

      6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, laundry room, bathroom, 
      full length front porch, 2 bedroom apartment

      Schwenskville, Pennsylvania

      Two 12'x12' walk-out stalls with overhang porch, feed room, grooming area and open storage


                                                      New Holland, Pennsylvania  -  6 stalls



     South Kent, Connecticut

     Five King Euro stalls (14x14) with mattresses, rubber brick aisle, tack room with kitchen and
     lounge area, two wash stalls, grain room, laundry, half bathroom and a two-bay equipment garage.
     The exterior features dry stacked natural stone, cedar siding a standing seam roof, mahogany 
     porch and a custom cupola.  


    Private Farm
     New Hope, Pennsylvania

    5 King deluxe horse stalls, wash stall, 12x15 tack room, feed room


                                    Crann Briste Farm
                             North Salem, New York
                            5 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, laundry, half bath, feed room

        O'Neill Farm
Ligonier, Pennsylvania 

           Stucco horse barn with standing seam roof, dormers and marble lintels above the windows 
           center entry, five (5) 12'x12' Euro stalls, wash stall and tack room

       Coatesville, Pennsylvania 

       (above & below)
       What could be better than living with your horses?
       This barn is both pretty and functional, with a spacious owner's apartment
       above, 4 stalls below (three are walk-out), a feed room, tack room, half
       bath and laundry.  On the far end, there's a 36 ft long garage. 


                   Towne Farm
                   West Virginia
                     Six horse stalls (5 - 12'x12', 1- 12'x14'), tack room, wash stall and groom stall
                     Attached to the indoor arena via a covered breezeway


                              Second Chance Farm
                              New Tripoli, Pennsylvania
                             5 horse stalls

                  Sleepy Hollow Farm
Fairfield, Connecticut           
                    A timber-framed bank barn with 4 horse stalls 12x14, 
                    wash stall, tack room, feed room, laundry & half bathroom

                     Nolen Farm
Malvern, Pennsylvania
                       An all-new timber frame and stone barn with a historic look - a multi-purpose
                       barn, the horse barn has 6 Euro stalls, a wash stall, feed room and tack room           

                         private farm
Phoenixville, PA
                      4 horse stalls 12x12, 2 wash/groom stalls, tack room, feed room 

                               private farm
                         4 horse stalls 12x12, wash stall, tack room, feed room 

     White Ash Farm  (above)                                           
Horstmann Farm  (below right)
     Washington, Connecticut                                                    West Chester, Pennsylvania

     6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain 
room,                  6 horse stalls, tack room, grain room, loft
     laundry room, bathroom, full loft                                        

        Penrose Farm 
Ridgefield, Connecticut
        4 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room


  Large Animal Protection Society
Cochranville, Pennsylvania

  6 horse stalls - attached garage for tractor and hay storage

                                                                                   Ardanwood Farm
   Unionville, Pennsylvania - 4 stalls
                                          Pawling, New York
    5 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room,
                                                                                 full loft.  Indoor arena 60'x120'   

 Foglia Farm                                                              Westwood Farm  
 Stanfordville, New York                                    Bedford Hills, New York

 6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack & grain                         6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room, 
 room, full loft 
                                                            laundry room, bathroom, full loft

                    New Holland, PA - 4 horse stalls, tack room, recessed grain bin, and full workshop

                               Beacon Hill Show Stables
Colt's Neck, NJ
                               6 stall shed row barn provides added space and flexibility 


                                                                                      Marcotte Farm
 Frederick, Maryland - 3 stalls
                                      Bedford, New York
   3 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, recessed grain bin,
                                                                           utility/storage room, manure dumpster port

       Green Gables Farm                                                                  
     Manakin Sabot, Virginia                                           Orlean, Virginia

     5 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room/office,               5 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room,  
     grain room, full length porches, full loft        
             porches, full loft             

      Corgi Hollow Farm                                               Skyland Farm
    Newtown, Connecticut                                                     Bedford, New York
    6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room,
                5 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room/lounge,
    Full porch on one side, full loft                                      laundry room, grain room, blanket room,
full porch on one side, full loft

   Tucker's Ridge Farm                                                     
   Easton, CT                                                                      

   6 King deluxe horse stalls, wash stall, tack room,               
   grain room, laundry room, bathroom with shower;             
   3-bay equipment garage; 2 bedroom apartment

           Stoken Farm
            Carlisle, Pennsylvania

            6 horse stalls, wash stall, tack room, grain room,
            bathroom, full loft

    Are you inspired by our showcase of small horse barns?
   If you're planning to build a horse barn of any size, be sure to contact the King representative  
    serving your area to discuss your project.  Our preliminary consultations are offered at no fee.

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