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Timber Frames

 Timber Frames
   Beauty and craftsmanship that transcend the generations
 . . .

Timber framing is a simple but elegant building system using large wood posts
  and beams that are carefully fit together with interlocking joinery -- mortise and
  tenon joints secured with wooden pegs.

  In addition to their aesthetic appeal, timber frames are very strong -- in Europe, it is
  not uncommon to find timber frame structures dating to the 13th and 14th century.
  In America, we are losing far too many of our beautiful old timber framed barns due
  to abandonment, neglect or destruction by developers.   

  Using time-honored methods, King is building new timber frames to replace some
  of those that have been lost.  They are a part of our heritage, and a legacy we can leave 
  for the generations yet to come . . .    
       Above - a new timber-framed bank barn with historic details - 4 horse stalls on lower level.

                               King   Timber Frame Video  

            Below -
        An all-new stone and cedar timber-framed bank barn with the look of a
        historic barn.  Lower level has 5 future horse stalls; loft level provides 
        parking for antique vehicles and also functions as an entertainment area.
        (see additional interior photo at top of page) 

      Loft flooring is engineered for vehicle storage                     Close-up of wooden peg joinery

        Pictured below -
     Euro stalls inside a timber-framed barn.  The open architecture of the timber frame
     allows great natural light from the dormers and skylights.  




                     (Above & Below)

                     An all-new timber frame bank barn with a 4 bay garage and workshop
                     on the main floor (below left) and a bright, open party barn on the
                     2nd floor.  The hammer trusses frame the huge stone fireplace; there
                     are bathrooms on both floors and a full kitchen in the party space.



      Above -
      A timber-framed party pavilion with a massive stone fireplace is the perfect spot for
      entertaining.  The structure provides shelter, while taking full advantage of the
      beautiful view.   


     Below -
     An all-new timber-framed bank barn with a historic appearance, right down to the
     pass door inside the large sliders that can be closed in inclement weather.
     This barn serves as a multi-purpose recreation building for the owners and contains
     a full kitchen and several lounging areas.  The lower level leads to the pool behind,
     and there's storage for tools and supplies for the family garden.  

     Traditional stonework and a standing seam roof complete the picture -- perfect




     Below -
     Another all-new timber-framed horse barn with the look of an antique barn.
     Stone and cedar exterior with Euro stalls and brick aisles on the interior


     Pictured below -
     A new timber-framed pavilion addition to a restored historic barn



   Interior of Dutchess County Agricultural
   Society's timber frame Welcome Center.

   The large glass cupola and high sidewall                 windows brighten the interior with natural
   light.  The large cutom chandelier was
   fashioned by a local craftsman and features 
   an antique tractor wheel.


   The exterior of the building -- the timber frame 
   center entry and Welcome Center is flanked by       high speed state-of-the-art ticketing windows         (5 on each side) which were designed to look         like horse stall Dutch doors.  


       (Above and Below)
       An all-new timber frame bank barn with a stone foundation, board & batten siding and
       a standing seam roof.

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