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Wedding Barns

   Wedding Barns & Party Barns 

        King creates barns for romantic wedding venues and special events.                    We design and build new barns with authentic character, and we                        restore antique barns to bring back their historic appeal.

        Party barns are becoming increasingly popular, and often share
        the barn with garages, specialty storage or living quarters. 


      Casual Elegance  with  Rustic Style . . .

                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Courtney Dueppengiesser Photography|courtneydueppengiesser.com
        Shreiner Farm - Leola, Pennsylvania

     The timeless beauty of antique timbers, aged flooring and high open                  ceilings provide a unique venue for couples, family and friends to                        celebrate their most memorable day . . .

    (Above & Below) 
    A beautiful example of an all-new timber frame 
    party barn with stone fireplace.  The full kitchen
    is pictured below.

 Below - a beautiful timber frame with a massive
 fieldstone fireplace makes a perfect party pavilion.

  Below - a beautifully restored old stone and timber          frame barn is now a perfect party barn.

    A thoughtful renovation has given this old, unused            barn a new purpose -- it is now the perfect venue
    for a party, a family reunion or a wedding.

   (Above & Below)
   An old 
and very plain farm equipment and livestock           building has become a fabulous family center and             party barn.  Old timbers and rafters were preserved --
   new insulation, custom windows and Spanish cedar           doors were added, along with attractive architectural       details inside and out.   

    With an antique barn for their wedding venue, this
newly-married couple poses with an antique car.

  Above - 
  The gazebo on the pond at Harvest View is a
  romantic spot for a wedding photo

  Below - 
  The fully-restored old stone foundation is a beautiful        backdrop for wedding guest cards.


    Below - 
    Barn wedding venues on a farm provide many                    opportunities for photos that are less formal and
    less staged.   

    Above - 
    Farm fields, the pond and a beautifully restored                antique barn form the backdrop for this couple's
    first photo together as man and wife.



     Wedding vows on a beautiful summer day . . .
     friends are gathered at the new horse barn.
     The reception was held in the loft of the
     farm's restored bank barn (below)


   Above - 
   The old stone and timbers of the lower level create         a cozy and inviting space for gathering.

    Above - 
    A very special elevated stage with a table for
    the bride and groom.  The symbolic window trim             
and and draping provide a dramatic backdrop.


                                                                                                           Photo below courtesy of Graybill Photography|www.graybillphotography.com

     Harvest View Barn at Hershey Farms -  Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
       An idyllic setting surrounded by acres of rolling, grassy hills with a large pond.   The farm has
       been in the family for more than a century, and the fully-restored barn dates to the 1800's.

           There is a massive stone fireplace in the lower level, and the original deep-well window openings

           have been preserved and restored. 

                                                             Photos below courtesy of Heather A. Johnson Photography|www.hajphotography.com

             Above - 
             With a sensitive restoration, the barn's former loft is now the perfect setting for a wedding celebration. 
             The old timbers, loft ladders, wood floors and high open ceiling create a welcoming and visually 
             stunning atmosphere for the guests.
          Below - 
              One of two mezzanine dining spaces in the barn's upper level.  



                  Below - 
             A large anitque barn has begun a new life as a wedding barn and event venue.  
             After a thorough and sensitive restoration, the stone foundations, timber-framed
             stucture and high, open interior create the perfect space for a wedding or a
             party with rustic style.   

        Shreiner Farm -  Leola, Pennsylvania

             Below - 
             What casual elegance is all about . . . old timbers with white draping, strings of
             Edison bulbs, centerpieces of fresh Eucalyptus with dried hydrangeas and brass
             candlesticks combine to create a venue that is warm and welcoming. 

         New Holland, PA

        Above -            
       After the ceremony, the horse barn's lights glow softly in the early evening.

         Below -      
        Pictured just before the reception, the barn's loft is draped in white and the tables

        are beautifully dressed in crisp white linens with burgundy accents and fresh greenery.  

        Glu-laminated arches replaced the original antique timbers (which were too badly                                  damaged), creating a clear span with high, open ceilings.  This is a fully climate-
        controlled multi-event center.


        Below -
       In the twilight, the wedding guests are enjoying the wedding reception party in the
       loft of the restored bank barn.

    Are you inspired by our wedding barn and event venue showcase?

    If you're planning a wedding barn project of any size, be sure to contact the King representative
    serving your area to discuss your project.  Our preliminary consultations are offered at no fee. 


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