Celebrating our 40th Year  
   Setting the standard for four decades!
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Why King - ?

Why King -- ?
  "People who have accomplished work worthwhile have a very high sense
                    of the way to do things.   They have not been content with mediocrity. 
                   They have not confined themselves to the beaten tracks; they have never
                   been satisfied to do things just as others do them, but always a little better . . . "

There are many reasons why you should partner with King for the design and construction of your barn, arena or outbuilding project.

You're about to make a very important investment, and you want the finished product to be as close to perfect as possible . . . you want your money's worth. 

You will need someone who's knowledgable to help guide you through the process, and you want to be able to trust the people you're dealing with.

So, as you consider your options, please consider what really sets King apart from all of the others, and why you should choose King :

We are horse barn experts - 
Horses are our business -- we understand the importance of light, ventilation and the many structural elements needed to keep them safe, healthy and performing their best.

And we know how to design and organize
the space to maximize your storage and convenience, while reducing your workload.

This knowledge and experience is vital when building a horse facility!

We are well-established -
We have been in business for nearly four decades; we have grown our business through sound management practices and honest representation.

This means you can have complete confidence that your deposits and payments are secure and properly applied, and that we will be here if you need us, long after your project has been completed.

We are truly custom -
We have been building quality horse facilities since 1978, and no two are exactly alike.

If you want special design elements to match your house, or if you want a custom-designed stall, cupola or door, we have our own shops and our own craftsmen, so we can build those custom items for you.

We are full service -
We provide complete architectural and engineering services for everything we build.

We have extensive knowledge of the building codes and what will be required to get a building permit in your area. 
We can handle your project as a turn-key, or collaborate with your architect and with your own trade subs.

We are responsive -
We are dedicated to exceptional customer care, support and service before, during and after the completion of your project.

We are fair - 
We provide more detailed specifications and a full listing of what is not included.

We do not take short cuts with the quality of our material or with our construction practices.

We will not under-price your job with the intent of making it up through change orders.

We believe all our customers deserve fair and honest treatment, so we price all of our projects using the same cost basis, whether the customer has limited means or an unlimited budget.

We'll give you more value for
your money -

Our Amish and Mennonite heritage forms the framework for every King building.

We use the highest quality materials, fine details
and expert craftsmanship on every project.
Sometimes that means our bids are not as low
as others, but despite what others may claim,
ours vs theirs it is NOT an apples to apples

Our finished product is truly superior in appearance, durability and longevity.
Our buildings will add value to your property, and they will maintain their value -- they will remain an asset long after those others have become a liability.

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