Celebrating our 40th Year  
   Setting the standard for four decades!
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Above - King-made cedar aisle end doors with tempered glass; Kolbe windows with nice trim detail

We use quality windows in our barns, arenas and outbuildings (not "ag specials")
because q
uality windows will stand the test of time. 

Yes, they cost a bit more initially, but you'll thank us for it in the coming years --
you will have we
ather-tight insulated glass (and screens) instead of the leaking,
warping windows used by o
ther barn builders.

We use name brands with great warranties -- names like Andersen and Kolbe.
We also offer some great aluminum-framed windows that we make in our own
shops; t
hese are powder coat painted in a variety of colors - they are low-
maintenance and v
ery durable, so a great choice for indoor arenas.

All of our windows in Dutch doors and aisle doors are tempered glass --
more expensive, y
es, but so much safer for the horses!

The choices are almost unlimited...
Here are a few examples of windows we use most often, and you can
see others on our Barns pages  and our Arenas page.

Arena -
Combination double-hung windows with transoms above

Viewing windows in tack room --
with view to wash & groom stall

Barn sash windows

Viewing room  windows - these are 6 ft wide x 4 ft high

  Arena -
  Triple combination of double hung windows
  with transoms

  Arena -
  8 ft x 8 ft King aluminum-framed slider windows

  Arena -
   7'-6" wide x  6' high King aluminum-framed casement
   (operating) windows with transom - overall height
   of the combination is 8 ft.  Beautiful, very functional
   and no maintenance. 

 Aluminum framed arena windows --
 These are 12 ft wide x 8 ft high and roll-up just
 like a garage door. 

  Arena casement style windows  -
  these are 4-1/2 ft high x 4 ft wide

Arena sliding style windows  -  extruded aluminum frames
with full thermo break; insulated glass with grilles  between
the glass for easy cleaning.  Size 7'-6" wide x 4 ft high 

  King aluminum-framed Dutch windows with 
  tempered glass

   Arena -
   King aluminum-framed casement style 
   windows 5 ft x 6 ft 


 Aluminum-framed roll-up windows 7 ft wide x 8 ft high

    Arena -
    King aluminum-framed slider windows

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