Composting Facilities for Your Farm

If you have enough land to locate a composting facility on your farm, we can build one for you custom. Learn more about the design of our composting facilities and the benefits of including one on your farm or ranch.

Composting Facility Design

King builds composting facilities sized to the number of horses on the farm. This structure has a roof and at least three composting bins; the bins can be made from pressure treated wood, concrete block or poured concrete walls.

Composting facilities should have a concrete floor, which will make it easier to turn the compost with a tractor and bucket loader. We can even build in an aeration system that requires no turning.

Unloading the manure and bedding is easier if the composting bins are below grade, but it will work either way.

Benefits of Composting

In addition to ending your waste problems, the composting facility will yield a valuable product that will improve your land. Compost has nutrients, helps to aerate the soil, and increases the topsoil in rocky areas.

See examples of composting facilities below. If you’re interested in this accessory structure for your property, get in touch with King Construction.