Build Your Party or Event Barn with King Construction

A party barn can mean different things, depending on who you are and why you’re building it. You could be a business owner planning a successful venue, or an individual looking to build a recreational structure for private use.

Party barns can host hundreds of guests or provide an intimate atmosphere. This is a truly custom structure that will be shaped by your specific needs.

Party Barns for Private Use

Party barns are also suitable for private recreational use. If you are looking for a space to hang out with friends and family, host parties, or simply relax after a long day, we can build a backyard party barn that incorporates custom features like:

  • Bar
  • Game room or loft
  • Man cave
  • Workshop

We can also build whatever else you can think of! The possibilities are endless when you partner with a custom barn builder like King Construction. View examples of other party barns we’ve built.

Commercial Party and Event Barns

If you’re a business owner, we can build you a barn for a variety of events. King Construction can provide any feature or amenity you need, including but not limited to:

  • Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Living quarters
  • Bathrooms
  • Climate-controlled interior

Our timber frame construction is durable and beautiful. We can create a spacious facility with multiple event rooms, or a smaller venue for intimate gatherings. It is completely up to you and your vision for your business! Get some inspiration from the gallery below.

We Can Restore an Existing Structure

If you’ve already purchased a barn and are looking for a contractor to complete renovations, consider partnering with King Construction. We have completed many remodeling projects over our 40+ years of operation. Our experts are able to restore an antique barn to bring it up to modern codes while preserving its historic character. Talk to us for your remodeling and restoration needs.

Permit and Zoning Considerations

When building an event venue, it’s important to be aware of permit and zoning requirements in your area. Our builders will consult with you and can help you obtain the necessary permits. Clients need to be especially mindful of zoning regulations that may limit or prohibit a party barn project.