Custom Residential Barns

Whether you call them barndomoniums or barn homes, King Construction can build a custom residential barn for you. Unlike our competitors who offer standardized kits and DIY sets, we take the time to craft everything custom to give you the best living experience.

Why Choose a Barn for Your Home?

Barns are a unique choice of living space. As such, we treat each project with the same careful attention to detail. Our goal is to give you the one-of-a-kind home you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with a custom builder to create a residential barn:

  • Extremely durable timber frame construction. Timber frame buildings last decades, even centuries. Some of the oldest buildings in America are timber frame construction barns.
  • Gorgeous interior details. From soaring wood ceilings to skylights and dormers, a barn offers unique design opportunities.
  • Historic charm. Barns are an iconic American structure. Every time you look at your home’s exterior, you will feel a connection with America’s past.
  • Complete customization. Our custom builders put you in control of the design and layout. You can customize every last detail of your barn house.

Looking for some inspiration? We have plenty of photos from past projects to get you thinking about your own barn’s design. See the gallery below. When you’re ready to start building, our consultants can walk you through the process.

Looking to Renovate an Existing Barn?

You may be looking to buy a historic barn and remodel it, but you’ve done your research and realized that it’s a major undertaking. There are a lot of challenges with transforming a structure to serve a new purpose. King Construction is skilled at restoring and renovating existing barns. If you want to purchase a barn and make it into a home, we can complete the entire renovation for you.

If you’re simply looking to build living quarters onto a barn, we can make that happen too. Learn more about barns with living quarters, or get in touch with our consultants.