Horse Barn Interiors – Tack Rooms, Stalls & More

Your horse barn’s interior will be carefully planned, with attention to every detail, so it will be both beautiful and functional. King will design and build any feature you’d like to include – a tack room with all the fittings to keep your equipment clean and organized, a lounge with a fireplace, or an office with built-in cabinetry. Your options are open because we are custom builders.

Custom Horse Stalls

King designs and builds our horse stalls to the highest standard, and we offer you an opportunity to customize your stalls or stall fronts with custom grilles, doors and decorative elements.

Your wash stalls and grooming stalls will be designed and built to provide storage, giving you a convenient and dedicated space to care for your horses.

See a sampling of our horse stalls in the gallery below.

“As one of the lucky residents, this is even more heavenly than it appears.
Thank you for a fantastic experience King Barns.”

- - Gantsoudes Farm
Orange, VA

Custom Tack Rooms

The tack room is the working hub of a horse barn. Ideally, it’s spacious enough to house all your tack and grooming supplies, with fittings to keep everything neat and well-organized.

King tack rooms are fully-insulated so they can be climate-controlled, which is essential for the protection of your expensive saddles and leather goods. This also allows you to add plumbing for a kitchen, or an island for cleaning your tack.

Tack rooms are all about your personal style, and even a small tack room can make a big statement. We offer a variety of woods and other materials that can be mixed or matched, painted or stained to showcase your tack and your creativity.

See below for some design inspiration, and call us to discuss the new barn in your future.


Lounges can be a profit center when hosting birthday parties or other events, or a hospitality center for prospective buyers, clients, and their families. And everyone will appreciate the added comfort a lounge provides.

With design elements such as wainscot, crown moulding and coffered ceilings, King will create a lounge that matches your style, and we can add a kitchen, a fireplace or bar to complete your hospitality center.

View some lounges in other King barns, and call us to discuss including a lounge in your new barn plan.


Add the finishing touches to your tack room, feed room, stalls, aisles and arena with our custom or standard fittings. Our offerings include:

  • Tack lockers – full-height or half-height
  • Tack trunks – free-standing or built-in
  • Saddle racks and saddle stands
  • Bridle Racks
  • Helmet shelves and boot racks
  • Custom cabinetry and built-ins

We also build a variety of storage solutions, such as shelving and cubbies, grain bins, groom’s boxes, blanket bars, cavalletti racks and storage for jump standards.

See some examples below. If you want a special feature that’s not listed here, let us

know and we will custom build it to your specifications.

Mats & Pavers

King recesses mats in the aisle, wash stall or grooming stall inside a concrete, brick or stone apron for an attractive, level surface. The mats will not shift, and it eliminates the hazard created by mats sitting on top of the floor.

Horse Stall Mats

All stalls in a King barn come with 3/4” black rubber mats as a standard finish. Stall mats reduce maintenance and improve your horse’s comfort – they insulate your horse from the cold ground in the winter and make stall cleaning easier.

They also keep the stall surface level and discourage digging.

Horse Stall Mattresses

For the ultimate in comfort and ease of cleaning, stall mattresses are the answer! Their superior cushioned surface provides more comfort and better insulation; they require far less bedding than mats, and their smooth waterproof cover keeps all waste on top, so they’re easy to keep clean and sweet-smelling.

They are especially helpful for senior horses, horses in training or recovery, and for broodmares. And, because they can be fully disinfected, they’re a great choice for foaling stalls.

Pavers – Rubber, Cobblestone or Tumbled Brick

Rubber brick pavers are virtually slip-free. even when wet. King uses premium quality 1-3/4” that have antibacterial properties. They are anti-shock, permeable and very durable, making them ideal for wash and grooming stalls, aisles, breeding sheds, outdoor walkways, and outdoor wash racks. (Rubber brick is also available in 3/4” sheet stock, which is ideal for upgrading an existing concrete aisle).

If you love barns with historic design elements, King can use old reclaimed bricks or one of the newer tumbled concrete cobblestones, bricks or pavers in the entry, the aisle or the tack room.