Custom Barns with Living Quarters

We can complete your facility with owner’s apartments, groom’s quarters or guest accommodations. Barn apartments are the ideal living situation for the dedicated horse owner or caretaker. You get to be close to your horses or livestock, while enjoying custom-built living quarters. These structures also provide a unique business facility or event venue.

Features & Amenities

Barn apartments can be even more luxurious than a traditional home. We equip your living quarters with all the modern amenities you desire, including a full kitchen and as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you want.

Since we are custom builders, we can build any features you request. We let you completely customize the layout and design. With King Construction, you get the experience of building your dream home.

If you’re primarily interested in a residential barn, rather than a working barn with built-in living quarters, learn more about our custom barn homes.

Barn Living Quarters for Commercial and Private Use

Barns with living quarters are the ideal choice for both personal and commercial use. Traditionally, these are horse barns with apartments built on top or attached on the side. However, with the increasing popularity of this style of architecture, these versatile buildings are becoming more common outside the equestrian world.

You can turn your barn into a one-of-a-kind guest experience, create a stunning wedding and event venue, or provide accommodations for tenants and employees. You can also host friends and family on your property, or simply enjoy your very own barn apartment. The purpose of your barn determines the design.

Ready to get started on a barn with living quarters? Need an apartment built on to an existing structure? Get in touch with our building consultants to get started.