Barn Restoration and Renovation

Old barns are such an important part of America and our history. The timbers in many of these old barns were harvested from ancient forests and hewn to size with hand tools. They have survived through many generations and, while all around them has changed, they have remained constant. They are worth preserving.

Partner with King Construction to restore or renovate your existing barn.

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Restore Your Barn with Authentic Design

Restoration is an art. It’s knowing what needs to be done to bring a building up to modern safety codes, while preserving the historic design elements. We use our skills as custom builders to repair or replicate these unique details.

If you have an antique or historic barn that has fallen into disrepair, or could simply use a refresh, contact our experienced builders.

Although we specialize in timber frame barns, we will work with any type of structure. If you need farm buildings, riding arenas, or other structures restored, get in touch.

Barn Renovation and Conversion

Sometimes, the goal is to renovate a barn so that it has a modern feel, rather than preserving a historic style. We can update your barn with modern amenities such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living quarters. We can also convert the barn into a venue, business, or even a home. Rely on us to get your business up and running, or turn your barn into a relaxing personal space.

Why Consider Restoration or Renovation?

Although it can be expensive, there are many benefits to restoring or renovating a barn. Benefits include:

  • Increased property value
  • Improved building functionality
  • Building safety and integrity
  • Preservation of a historic structure

You may even earn back your investment if you turn the barn into a business. Before demolishing an old barn, consider restoring or renovating with King Construction.

Before and After Images from Our Barn Restorations

See what we can do with your barn! Browse our gallery of barn restoration projects to see past transformations.

“We would not change a thing!”

- Rendez-vous Farm
Ashford, CT