Building Components - Standard and Custom

King buildings are more than the sum of their parts, but it is important to have great parts. Take a closer look at the beauty and quality of the components and design elements we use in our buildings. Most are made in our own shops so we can give you the custom look you’re seeking.

“As one of the lucky residents, this is even more heavenly than it appears.
Thank you for a fantastic experience King Barns.”

- - Gantsoudes Farm
Orange, VA

Doors and Windows

We use high-quality materials and superior engineering in our windows and doors. All of our doors (except some standard pass doors) are handmade by our craftsmen in our own shops. Our windows are weather-tight insulated glass, and all of the windows in our Dutch doors and aisle doors are tempered glass, which is much safer for horses.

Cupolas and Dormers

Like most of our components, we hand craft our cupolas in our own shop. Our cupolas are made of cedar to be more weather resistant and durable, and the copper roof can be ordered in several different styles. We also have a good selection of copper weathervanes and finials to top your cupola.

Dormers come in many shapes and sizes – Colonial style dormers (also knows as “dog house” dormers), shed roof dormers, pyramid style dormers and hipped roof dormers. King designs dormers both for their practical utility and for the aesthetic appeal. See some examples below.

We’ll give you more value for your money -

Our Amish and Mennonite heritage forms the framework for every King building.

We use the highest quality materials, fine details and expert craftsmanship on every project.

Sometimes that means our bids are not as low as others, but despite what others may claim, ours vs theirs it is NOT an apples to apples comparison.

Our finished product is truly superior in appearance, durability and longevity.

Our buildings will add value to your property, and they will maintain their value — they will remain an asset long after those others have become a liability.


Our porches have finished ceilings and trim detail, or we use timbers and planking to form the ceiling. Support posts can be large timbers or, if we use standard pressure treated posts, we wrap them to improve their appearance.

See some beautiful examples of our porches below:

Barn and Tack Room Fittings

Put the finishing touches in your tack room, feed room, stalls, aisles and arena with our standard or custom fittings. Some of our offerings include:

  • Tack Lockers – Full Height & Half Height
  • Built-In Tack Trunks
  • Built-In Shelving & Cubbies
  • Saddle Carousel
  • Saddle Racks
  • Saddle Stands
  • Bridle Racks
  • Custom Tack Cleaning Island
  • Mini Kitchen
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Stairs
  • Grain Bins
  • Tack Trunks
  • Groom’s Boxes and Cabinets
  • Blanket Bars/Rug Rails
  • Jump Storage Cabinets and Cavaletti Racks

Remember that we’re a custom builder. If there’s a specific feature you would like to add to your barn or tack room, we can build it custom for you!

Built-In Tack Trunks Built-In Shelving

Built-in tack trucks provide seating and are a great alternative to lockers… Yours will be custom-designed and sized to fit your tack room space. Built-in shelving can wrap the entire room, or it can be done in sections as shown.

Shelving can be open or divided. In this tack room, each built-in trunk has two bridle racks above and a section of shelving, allowing each person to keep everything in one place and neatly organized.

Built-In Saddle Carousel

A great space saver — the saddle carousel shown will accommodate 12 saddles in just over 4 ft of floor space and rotates smoothly to bring saddles to the front.

Can be fitted to hold 16 saddles in the same compact footprint.

Custom Tack Cleaning Island and Saddle Stand

The simple Shaker island shown was designed and sized to fit this tack room — the interior has two sections of storage shelving, and there’s a large drawer with bin pull hardware.

Fitted with a deep sink, a pull-down faucet and a solid maple butcher block top. The saddle stand shown is made from Spanish cedar.

Mini Kitchen

Perfect for the barn that doesn’t need a full kitchen, but wants a handy place to put the coffee pot, some cold beverages and a small pantry for storage.


A modern staircase would have looked out-of-place in this historic barn, so we hand-crafted the stairs from old barn wood and used old timbers for the ballustrade, newell posts and handrail. The balusters are simple — steel with a twist.

Grain Bins

Beautifully made from cabinet quality tongue & groove pine, our standard grain bin is 8 ft long, lined with metal and divided into 2 or 4 compartments. These bins will accommodate standard 30 gal galvanized cans, making it easier to rotate feed and clean the containers; or, you may prefer to put grain directly into the bin.

The metal liner cleans quickly. We also make 4 ft bins and 6 ft bins, or we’ll custom design one to fit your grain room. Grain bins can be free-standing or built-in.

Tack Trunks

Keep everything organized and close-at-hand with one of our beautifully crafted tack trunks. Your choice of interior fittings, exterior stains or paints for a truly custom look that is all your own.

Shelving & Cubbies

We can make attractive shelving for photos or trophy displays, cubbies for grooming totes or helmets — whatever your needs, we can provide a solution.

Groom’s Boxes and Cabinets

Hide the vacuum and organize the grooming totes — these are great to have in the grooming area and can be sized to fit your storage needs.

Saddle Racks

Made of quality pine to match the tack room interior, these saddle racks have an angled spread to help your saddle retain its shape. They have a brace for easy wall mounting and are strong enough to hold heavy saddles.

Bridle Racks

Like our saddle racks, the bridle racks are made of pine to match your tack room’s interior. Their half-round shape is sized to best support and maintain your expensive leather goods.

Blanket Bars/Rug Rails

Available in powder coat painted steel (in the Stubbs style) or in wood. The steel blanket bars can be made with our without halter hooks; the wood can be made as all wood, or with painted steel or brass end caps.

Please remember — we are a custom barn builder

If there’s something special you want for your barn, be sure to let us know and we’ll make it just for you!


We offer siding in a variety of styles, including wood, cement-based, steel, vinyl, composite, or any other siding that is available on the market.

Wood Siding

  • Pine or cedar in many styles.

Hardi Siding

  • A cement-based product that will not burn, Hardi does not rot and does not attract insects.
  • Low maintenance; can be ordered pre-painted from the factory with a finish that will last for about 15 years.

Other Sidings

  • Stucco
  • Painted steel – available in many colors and several profiles


Your choices include architectural shingles, cedar shakes, painted steel in several profiles, steel standing seam, metal shingles, faux slate or any other roofing that is available in the market.

Here are some examples of roofing we’ve used:


Is there anything with more universal appeal than stone? King uses stone on many projects, so we have skilled masons to insure that your stone walls, siding, fireplace, aisles or walkways are both beautiful and durable.