Covered Round Pens and Walkers

The interior of your horse barn deserves the same careful attention to detail as the outside.

We can build any feature you can dream. Lounges with a fully-stocked bar, tack rooms with
everything you need to organize your equipment – make it a reality with King.

Covered Walkers

Another great labor saver, especially for a busy training or boarding facility.

A walker will help to keep horses in condition, combat stall boredom, provide a warm-up and cool down before and after training sessions.

They also provide a spot for horses to get out for some exercise when the weather’s bad, or when the grass needs a rest.

Covered Round Pens

All horse farms, no matter the size or discipline, can benefit from the addition of a good round pen . . .

An essential tool for the professional training center, round pens are very versatile.

They provide a more controlled environment than an arena, making them a perfect place for early schooling, advanced training, retraining and problem solving, as well as for general exercise. They are labor savers and can provide additional turn-out space. In short, they’re one of the best investments a horse farm can make!

“When we set out to build our dream barn, we researched many barn builders. I cannot express how happy we are that we chose King Construction. They came in on time and on budget and were a pleasure to work with from planning through completion. The end product is truly a dream come true.”

- Beacon Woods Stables
South Glastonbury, CT