Shed Row Horse Barns & Run-In Sheds

We offer two portable barn products. Our shed row horse barns are the perfect solution for temporary or overflow housing, or for horses in retirement or recovery. Run-in sheds are an essential part of every equestrian facility. Our run-in sheds are available in standard sizes or custom designs built to your specifications.

Portable Shed Row Barns

The portable shed row barn provides more shelter than a run-in shed, and it allows horses to be confined when necessary. For horses on rest or recently retired, the stall doors can be open during the day and closed at night, providing access to turnout while helping them to recuperate or to make the transition into retirement.

A portable shed row barn can offer an ideal solution when a small facility is needed as an overflow barn, an isolation barn, a barn for youngstock, or as a temporary facility while the main barn is under construction.

King’s shed row barns have higher gables and sidewalls, deeper overhangs and bright finished interiors. The stalls are finished with strong 2”x8” tongue & groove planking to a height of 8 ft, and the dividers have a centered grille, which allows more air circulation and socialization, while providing privacy in the corners for quieter, more relaxed feeding.

“It was a great thrill to watch these facilities progress from dream to horse-perfect reality. Working in them is a pleasure — health, safety and comfort were carefully considered and reflected in the design in ways both thoughtful and innovative; the high quality construction insured that we will be enjoying the facility for decades.

- Little Creek Farm
North Salem, NY

Run-in Sheds & Loafing Sheds

One of the core buildings on every horse farm is the run-in shed. They must be utilitarian, but that does not mean they can’t be beautiful.

King has designed a budget-pleasing portable run-in that will complement your farm’s other buildings because they have a higher gable, a steeper roof pitch (more like a traditional barn), a deep, protective overhang, and trim detail.

They are available in 12 ft or 14 ft depths and up to 48 ft long, and will arrive pre-painted or stained in your choice of colors for siding, roofing and trim. There are options for feed rooms and cupolas.

In addition to their appealing exterior, King run-ins are lined to 8 ft high with 2”x8” tongue & groove Southern yellow pine planking, just like the stalls in our horse barns. This gives our sheds added strength and weather protection, and most importantly, the studs are covered to prevent chewing.

And King uses high-quality materials so your shed will stand up to abuse, both from the horses and from the elements – it will be sound and durable for many years to come.

Custom Options

If you need a run-in that is deeper than 14 ft, or a large loafing shed, King will custom design and build one on-site. These can be designed to shelter any number of horses, with feed rooms or storage for equipment to increase efficiency and cut down on labor.